Not One Step Backwards!

Women, to the Front!
A special Pravda report

Today, «Pravda» enthusiastically brings you reports of the first all female regiment of the Red Army’s advance to the front line. Formed by Hero of the Soviet Union and long distance flight record holder, Marina Roskova, and the sage consideration of Comrade Stalin himself, the 588th Night Bomber Regiment is the first of its kind to strike a blow at the heart of the fascistic designs of the Hitlerite leadership.

While most women of our fraternal union serve their motherland in the factories and foundries, or in the homes of their fighting men, the ladies of the 588th stand shoulder to shoulder with their comrades on the front lines. With a Leninist drive matched only by their beauty, these warrior women have set aside their female instincts to take up the great patriotic struggle for world communism.

Following an accelerated period of training, the brave women of the Soviet Union conducted a preliminary raid on the advance positions of the Fascist forces. Diligently escorted by their gallant comrades, the regiment successfully deployed all ordinance, and returned with minimal casualties.

Speaking to Pravda reporters, the regiment’s Party representative, Kalvdia Vlasik, stated that though an unrequited success, this first operation revealed «…vital lessons on the fiber of certain organs within the regiment». However, these deficiencies would surely be no match for the appropriate application of Stakhanovite zeal and the collectivist ethic, Pravda was reassured.

Much as we must venerate Comrade Stalin’s continued efforts to guide our state through perilous times, the words of his teacher should be considered.

«In our revolution,» Comrade Lenin points out, «more than in any other, the law was proven that the strength of the revolution, the strength of its pressure, energy, determination, and celebration of its victory will increase, along with this, the strength of opposition from the bourgeoisie.»

Such a lesson might doubtless be applied to all regiments, but especially the 588th. Though lacking in skill and experience, the deployment of socialist courage and energy cannot be underestimated. It is a resource the enemy completely lacks. However, though an effective tool in dispatching the enemy at our homeland’s door, such weapons must also be turned inwards. Introspective vigilance must be constantly maintained if the regiment hopes to purge the reactionary efforts of the saboteur and the wrecker, and liquidate the carelessness brought about by the feminine tendencies of their womanly natures.

These teachings might appear especially relevant, as these reporters salute the sacrifice of the regiment’s first two casualties. Galina Andronikashvilli and Anna Veronina will live on ion the hearts and actions of their comrades. Their loss will not go avenged, with retribution coming swiftly to their killers!

Of revenge, the ladies of the 588th will not lack for opportunity, as we may report on their assignment to the Southern theater, where they will participate in the heroic defense of Rostov, from which the forces of reaction will undoubtedly be repelled. __Pravda will continue to report on the progress of the regiment, through the diligent reportage of our embedded staff.

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