Jr. Lt. Anzhelika "Laika" Bychkova

Died saving those she loved.


Hawk, Leader
Junior, Lieutenant.

Skill -1
Guts +2
Luck +1
Medals +1


- 11.4 Meters Tip-to-Tip
- Ghosts (Galya)


Anzhelika “Laika” Bychkova

Junior Lieutenant

Squadron 3, Section D, Tail Number 117 ( Ghostship)

November 22nd 1924

Registered Residence:
[Undecipherable], Moscow


  • Father – Aleksander Bychova. Deceased. Formerly Imperial Russian Air Service, 2nd Battle Aviation Group, 4th Corps Aviation Detachment
  • Mother – Aysu Bychova
  • No Siblings

Date of Enlistment:
December 1941

Service Record:

  • December 1941 – Has extensive flight experience in twin prop civilian transports. Her father however was an imperialist. Assigned to 588th Night Bomber Regiment, let them deal with the bitch that imperialist dog whelped.
  • January 1941 – Sgt. Bychkova is one of our most promising recruits in the 588th, how she wound up here would be a mystery without access to this record.
  • February 1941 – Despite what may have happened, Anzhelika will be promoted and cited a Medal of Valor before she arrives at her new duty station.

Medal Citations:

  • Medal of Valor

NKVD Record:
Deceased. Good riddance.

Jr. Lt. Anzhelika "Laika" Bychkova

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