Raisa 'Rushka' Antonovna Putilov

"I won't have dead weight dragging me or the reputation I've built down, are we clear?"


Raisa Antonovna Putilov


April 30th 1910

Registered Residence:

Father- Anton Markovich Putilov- Designated Enemy of the People following charges of wrecking and stated sympathies for the Right Deviation. Assigned to Main Camp Administration of Perm-28 for corrective labour and reeducation- February 1937

Mother Polina Polinovna Putilov DECEASED as of March 1937
Sisters: Yulia & Elizaveta- Residents of state orphanage No.16

Date of Enlistment:
October 1937

Service Record:
Volunteered as Red Army Aviation Reserve prior to the onset of the Winter War; accepted based on prior experience as a civilian flight instructor. Served with distinction during several sorties against Finnish aviators. Attributed one confirmed kill on her first sortie, piloting the I-16. Two unconfirmed kills were claimed during the following eleven sorties. Immediately volunteered for the 586th Fighter Regiment upon foundation. Was transferred to the 588th Night Bomber Regiment at Major Raskova’s request, based on the regiment’s lack of experienced aviators.

Medal Citations:
Medal For Valor, Order of the Red Star

Raisa 'Rushka' Antonovna Putilov

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